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Our Vision

We believe individuals on the spectrum will flourish when they are included in a community to which they can contribute. In the past, individuals with Autism were normally housed in separate hostels/institutions, and were not brought to their full potential. We do our best to help them reach their individual potential by providing them opportunities for learning. We achieve this by giving them occupational opportunities, leisure activities and home-economic skills, thus enabling them to live a full life like everyone else.

Our belief is based on the right of every person, including those with severe disabilities, to lead a meaningful social and personal life. In order to enable this, we work closely with the community to develop learning and occupational frameworks. We also strive to have housing solutions within the community. In doing so, we create a model enabling these individuals to live a full life in which they contribute to the same communities which supports them.

Our guiding principle is that every person is a unique individual entitled to an appropriate framework for his/her needs. We choose to focus on the strengths of each individual, while providing as many choice as possible. The appropriate level of support enables the realization of each person’s potential.

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