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Clay Cafe is a collaboration between several NGO's to create inclusion opportunities for people with disabilities
Clay Cafe is a paint your own pottery studio located in a community center near Michllol
It serves the community and generates occupation for the Michllol members is a respectful, natural and flexible way

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 "The Greenhouse" - a therapeutic garden
In cooperation with the Department of Social Services, Ramat Hasharon Municipality

"Sometimes gardening is not just gardening. For the group, gardening is a means of creating social relationships, communication and learning. It provides them with meaningful activity," says Tamar Alon Hanani, head of the special needs community services department in the Ramat Hasharon municipality.

Michllol's members come once a week to the 'Greenhouse' project - a therapeutic garden for people with special needs in the  Social and Community Services department in Ramat Hasharon.

A place you come to and want to stay there longer and longer. Our members  comes with the team and enjoy the guidance of a therapeutic gardening instructor and a social worker. Together they plant, water, study, drink herbal tea from the garden plants, communicate with each other and enjoy the contact with the earth and the open air.

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