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Board Members

The "group of equals" has all the approvals required by Israeli law, including "proper management approval" and income tax approval regarding donations according to section 46 of the Israeli Tax Ordinance.


Executive Committee:


Esther Regev
The initiator and chairman of the association
Mother of a 29-year-old adult with autism. The "Group of Equals" association arose out of a personal, social and family need. Initiated and established the frameworks including: the Michlol occupational and learning day center and the Afikim leisure club

Advocates the idea of integrating people with special needs into customized social and occupational educational frameworks.

Abigail Dr
Treasurer and member of the board of directors

Mother to Yuval, an adult with Autism. Organizational consultant, Msc from Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Management named after Recannti.  Active in ALUT - an association for autistic children - Advocating rights for people with Autism at Knesset committees, Ministry of Welfare and on the local Muncipality at her home town - Ramat Hasharon.
Established and operates the "Equal Group" association; Initiates and establishes leadership "Leviot - leadership of parents of children and adults with special needs in Ramat Hasharon"; And a leader of promoting research and treatment of medical cannabis for kids and adults with Autism. the







Oded Shahrabani
Member of the Executive Committee

Oded Shahrabani is the CEO of STAX, a certified tax advisor and a lawyer. A business owner who contributes a lot of his time and resources to social involvement and contribution. The issue of special needs is particularly close to his heart and he makes sure to employ people with special needs in each of his businesses as part of his vision of integrating them into the community.

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