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Michllol - Learning and Occupational day center

The group of equals provides and operates frameworks for adult living with Autism and needs high level of supports for meaningful and quality life within the community.

A learning and Occupational center for adults (21+) with moderate-low functioning autism was opened in December 2014 with the approval and budget of the Ministry of Welfare, with the support and accompaniment of the Welfare Department of the Municipality of Ramat Hasharon  and professional accompaniment and additional resources from the "Group of Equals" association.

We believe that people with autism do not stop developing at the age of 18 or 21, with the end of the educational frameworks, but that just like their "regular" peers who turn to further studies or employment after the army, young people with autism are also entitled and able to continue to develop and have a richer life than those open to them currently. The center operates in Ramat Hasharon and the "Group of Equals" association recruits a quality team with training and experience, ensures a 2:1 instructor-member ratio (in the current frameworks the ratio is 1:4), which enables a relaxed and welcoming learning and creative environment for members.

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