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The whisperer to live, the whisperer to friends and the whisperer to the team. Speaks all languages and translates for all. Always manages to refine any situation and analyze. Resisting from markers.



The last staff member who joined us and decided that it is more fun with us than at home and we are very happy about it. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in behavioral sciences and on his way to the next path when his relationship with his friends and team binds him to stay close and will oblige him to find a continuation and common development. Lives with his wife and two dogs in a moshav near Ben Shemen.



Qualified therapist in Yael Cohen's typing expression method and above all the solid rock of the association. He has been with us from the beginning, helping friends find their way in writing and above all giving a feeling and belief that the world is full of good people who just have to raise their heads and see them. His kindness and devotion are second to none. Lives in the center of Tel Aviv.



He really likes coming to the center and it is very important to him to be able to promote the members especially in the field of sports. Has long experience with autistic people in different settings and privately. Dedicated and accurate.



A born musician who specializes in treating behavioral problems among autistic people and learning abilities they didn't know existed in them. Long experience with treating at-risk teenagers with the help of music and a personal mission to promote the status of autistics among the Ethiopian community in particular and the general community as a whole. Lives in Petah Tikva with three children, divorced and partner.



He accompanied the association for many years from the side until he finally jumped into the water and joined the team. A businessman and former judo champion who decided that the solution to the human soul does not lie in the business world but in the regular practice of mindfulness meditation and humanity. Practicing with all of us at the listening and meditation center. Lives in Avihil with Adi and together raise Michaela and many chickens and cats that roam the yard but his heart is still in the city.

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